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Primary Care Documents

This section of the website is designed to help all health professionals in primary care supporting people with a learning disability understand the following for example.

  • How and where to make referrals too.
  • Links to current information about the health and well-being of people with a learning disability.
  • Guidance on eligibility to screening programmes and issues with capacity and consent.
  • Public health campaigns.
  • Flu support for people with learning disability.
  • STOMP.
  • Making Reasonable adjustments.

The Primary Care Strategy for Learning Disability and Autism was developed in 2017 and has been recently reviewed and updated. It can be found by clicking on the link below. There are then other links that can be followed which give further information and guidance that is outlined in the strategy.


Download Quality Premium for General Practice Sunderland 2020/2021 Download Primary Care Strategy Updated Version 2020 (Coming soon) Download Making Reasonable Adjustments (Coming soon)

Personal Profiles

A personal profile must be created for every patient at your practice who has a learning disability. The personal profile outlines what the reasonable adjustments are that the person requires to ensure their visits to the GP practice and other healthcare settings are a positive experience and person centred.

Often community learning disability teams will use the form below to collect the information as will care providers and family members. Once you have been given this information you will then need to add it into EMIS as an alert and also you will use it in the annual health check template. This will mean you are providing a good standard of care and making reasonable adjustments where required.

Download Personal Profiles

Mental Capacity Assessment Form 1  (MCA1)

Best Interest Decision Form 2 (MCA2)

The primary care strategy document outlines  where to find more information on the Mental Capacity Act and how you can use it in your practice.

If you are going to hold a MDT to assess someone’s capacity and then make a best interest decision in some circumstances then the forms below should be used to record your decision making.

Download MCA1 and MCA2 Forms

Every year for the last four years the Health Promotion Team has been working closely with primary care to help people with learning disability receive their flu vaccine. This has been done by developing a protocol which outlines the process for making a referral to the team for them to administer the vaccine to a person who is complex and fearful of the procedure.

The protocol explains what a GP practice needs to do to make a referral for the flu vaccine to be given out with the surgery.

This should be used where needed for complex patients as people with learning disabilities are in high risk groups and one of the main causes of premature death is  from respiratory disease.

Download Flu Protocol CNTW and Sunderland CCG - 2020/21 Download Supporting People with a Learning Disability to have flu vaccinations - coming soon Download Screening Tool for GPs - helping to understand if a patient may have a learning disability

2 week wait

Download Easy Read 2 WeeK Referral


Download NHS Right Care Pathway: Diabetes . Reasonable adjustments for people with a learning disability who have diabetes.

Easy Read Health Action Plans

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