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Bowel Screening – Using your home kit age 60-74

The bowel screening programmes in England, Wales and Northern Ireland use a test called a Faecal Occult Blood Test (FOBT).

Using the cardboard sticks provided, you will be asked to smear two small samples of poo onto a special screening card. You will need to do this three times over a two week period (10 days in Northern Ireland).

You will be given a self-sealing, freepost envelope to send the card back to the screening centre. Full instructions and a detailed information leaflet will be sent to you with your invitation and test.

You will get your test results in about two weeks.

Most people have a normal result, which means that no blood was found in the sample. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have or won’t get bowel cancer so you should still see your GP if you have any symptoms. You will receive another test in two years.

If the result isn’t clear, you may need to do the test again.

If the test finds blood in your sample, you will be invited to a local screening centre to talk about your results. This doesn’t mean that you have cancer. The bleeding could be caused by a non-cancerous growth or another health problem. You will be offered more tests, such as a colonoscopy, to find out what is causing the bleeding.

The Health Promotion Team in Sunderland can help you to complete this kit if you need any support – ask your GP for details.

Please click below for an easy read leaflet.

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