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Archive: Mar 2016

New information for people with learning disabilities about the transforming care work!

A new booklet by the National Forum of people with Learning Disabilities and the National Valuing Families Forum

There is a new information booklet that the Forums have been working on together.

It is called ‘Hospitals are not homes’ and you can find it here:

The booklet is to help people work together on the Transforming Care work.

The Transforming Care work is about better care and support for people with learning disabilities and/or autism. The work started after the abuse of people at Winterbourne View.

We have made the booklet to help people know about the work and to help people check on the work that is happening in their local area.

We think it is really important that people with learning disabilities and people with autism and their families can be part of the work. The booklet should help people know:

  • What should be happening
  • Who to speak to
  • What questions they can ask

Are you taking the right medication for you?

As part of a piece of work, a review is to be carried out on how medicines meant for people with mental health conditions are being given to people with learning disabilities to help with how they feel, act or behave.

Click on the link below to find out more.

Psychotropic medication

New Information added today on Cervical Screening/ Smear Tests.

It is often really difficut for women with a learning disability to understand why it is important to have a smear test and what it involves. We have added some easy read information to our screening section of the website today and we hope you find this useful.

Having a smear test.

We have also added information to The Going to the Doctors section, so doctors, practice nurses, parents and carers have more information about helping someone to go along for a smear test.


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