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Health Promotion Team, Community Learning Disability Team, St Benedicts Hospice and Sunderland People First win Highly commended Linda McEnhill Award

On the 13th of June 2018, Ashley Murphy (Health Promotion Team) Shaleen Mercer (Community Learning disability Team) Lisa Baker (St Benedicts Hospice) and Beverley Brown (Self Advocate) enjoyed a trip to London.

We won an award at the Palliative Care Network for People with a learning Disability – We received highly commended in the Linda McEnhill awards section.

This was for our hard work in ensuring palliative care services for people with learning disability and their carers are the best they can be.

We have developed accessible information about end of life and where support can be accessed. All of this information can be found here on this website under palliative care.

We also have a excellent pathway of care for people with learning disability who reach end of life and this was recognised at a national level.

Aswell has attending the conference to pick up the award we had a fabulous time in London too.

well done everyone.

Fantastic time was had by all at our Learning disability and Autism Health Event 21st May 2018








Ashley Murphy, Learning Disability and Autism Primary Care Programme Manager, NTW worked together with Linda Reiling, Specialist Joint Commissioner for Learning disabilities and Mental health at Sunderland Clinical commissioning Group to  put together a fun filled, educational conference for people with a learning disability and autism, that took place at the Stadium of Light on the 21st May 2018.

The event was to help people with learning disabilities and autism understand what they are entitled too from their GP practice. We found out what they like about going to their doctors and what they felt needed to be better. We now have lots of ideas to work on from this.

Aswell as this we ran pop up clinics. People with a learning disability are often very fearful of having tests to ensure they are healthy and don’t always want to go to their GP. At the event we worked with several drug companies and practitioners from both GP practices across Sunderland and the labs at the QE Hospital to enable people to have the following tests, Cholesterol and pre diabetes. They also had their BMI calculated and mini ECGs. All results were shared with their GP following on from the event and the health promotion team have offered follow up support after the event.

We also worked in partnership with audiology at City Hospitals Sunderland who offered a fantastic service and tested peoples hearing on the day. This has generated several referrals where some hearing loss was detected that may have not been picked up ordinarily!

The day would not of been possible without our colleagues in the point of care department at Sunderland University, namely Karen Giles who has guided us trained us and supported us with the clinics, thank you !

Finally a massive well done to all of our stall holders from various organisations across the City, Sunderland Sports department at Sunderland University and all of the people who attended. A fantastic drama production was also given by the Twisting Ducks they were brilliant! A great day was had by all and lots of work is planned as a result.

Finally a huge thank you to our co-chair Bethan Gillan, this was her first event of this kind and she did an amazing job well done!!

Learning Disability Health Event May 21st Stadium of Light Sunderland!

Do you have a learning disability or care for someone who does?

Do you have a GP in Sunderland?

Do you want to come along and find out more about keeping healthy and having fun at the same time?

If its YES then please come along to our conference on May 21st at the Stadium of Light in Sunderland.

Click below to see how to book your place – See you there

Ashley Murphy.

Poster 21st May 2018

Washington Resource Centre involved in Pop up Clinic

Customers at Washington Resource Centre took part in one of our pop up clinics this week.

This was another chance for people with a learning disability to have a blood test and to have their hearing tested.

This was really successful , some people will be having a follow up appointment with their doctor to discuss their results.

Point Of Care Testing in Sunderland for People with learning disability and autism

This week our health promotion team are working closely with Sunderland University to pilot health tests in Sunderland for people with a learning disability.
So far we have been to Fulwell Resource Centre and Sunderland People First and we will also be going along to Washington Resource Centre with our Pop Up Clinic.

We are offering a simple finger prick test known as capillary testing where we obtain a tiny blood sample and we can check you are not pre diabetic or that you have high cholesterol.
We are also working closely with audiology at Sunderland Royal and we are offering hearing tests by using a simple quick test.

Everyone who has joined in has been amazing and we have enjoyed working with you. The test have already picked up cases of raised cholesterol, ear infection and hearing loss. It is hoped following the pilot this may become widely available.
Here are some pictures of people who took part.

Summary Care Records

We want to make sure that people with a learning disability have a good experience when using health services. One way to do that is make sure that we know as much about you as possible.

The summary care record holds extra information about you and is kept at your doctors, it can be shared with other health professionals if you consent to this.

Please click on the leaflet below to find out more about the summary care records. It would be great if you could tell your doctor’s surgery things about you that could be added to your record that will make your experience better.

Examples of this are things like

A longer appointment.

A quiet area to wait.

Easy read information.


Palliative Care -Delivering Excellence

We have been working closely with our local hospice, St Benedict’s to develop information for people with a learning disability who may be reaching the end of their lives.

These helpful leaflets can be found under the ‘Palliative Care Section’ in Other Health Services.

Easy Read Health Action Plans

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Health Promotion Team, Community Learning Disability Team, St Benedicts Hospice and Sunderland People First win Highly commended Linda McEnhill Award

On the 13th of June 2018, Ashley Murphy (Health Promotion Team) Shaleen Mercer (Community Learning disability Team) Lisa […]