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Having a Health Check

You are entitled to an annual health check ask your GP

If you are aged 14 and over and have a learning disability you are eligible to have an annual health check at your GP surgery.

Usually your name will appear on a register that they keep and they will invite you once a year. If they do not ring you please get in touch with them and ask them to make you an appointment.

A good health check can take anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour.

Sometimes a range of different healthcare professionals will help do your health check. You might see a nurse or a doctor or both in some cases. Sometimes a lot of the information they need will be gathered at previous appointments and used to help them do your check.

You should also recieve a health action plan at your health check that will tell you what you need to do to stay healthy.

Please let your doctor know how your check went by completing the online form Rate my Health check. This is in the next section or you can ask them for the paper version of the form and complete it after your check and give it to the receptionist. It is really useful if you can do this so we can make sure things are going well for you.

Health checks during the coronavirus.

During the coronavirus pandemic you might have your health check done over the phone or by a video link on the computer if the surgery do not need you to come into the practice straightaway. They might decide to invite you at a later date.

Some people will be invited into the practice for their health checks but they will let you know.

Download Getting Ready for My Healthcheck Download Pre health check questionnaire - You may recieve one of these before your health check.

Easy Read Health Action Plans

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